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Renew Crew

Experience the Renew Crew Difference

Is your business or office looking worn for wear on the outside? Don’t let a dirty or grimy exterior drive away potential customers. At Renew Crew of Katy and Sugar Land, we specialize in commercial pressure washing services. Commercial properties undergo extensive daily wear and tear, which can decrease your property’s value as the years go by. Renew Crew can revitalize your space and have it looking brand new in no time!

Whether it’s a clubhouse, restaurant, veterinary clinic, or other retail or office property, our team of experts can give your business a fresh new look. Our proprietary three-step pressure washing process will resurface your property’s exterior, making it more appealing to customers, employees, and property owners alike. We’re trusted to be the best choice for commercial pressure washing services in Katy, Sugar Land, and the surrounding areas. Our crew will clean and seal your property’s surface with expert care.

Enhance Your Walkways

Does your business have sidewalks or pathways made from concrete or pavers? How about a pool deck? These concrete blocks are a popular choice for commercial structures and make a great addition to outside property. As durable as they are, though, they still require maintenance. Regular concrete cleanings are essential to keeping your property beautiful. No guest wants to walk along crumbling sidewalks and stained or crooked pavers.

Renew Crew’s cleaning and staining process will keep your property looking great. We will remove the dirt and grime buildup between the pavers and get rid of the stains on the concrete surface. Once your concrete is clean and dry, we’ll apply a sealing protectant to keep it looking new.

Wood Cleaning and Protecting

Over time, your commercial property’s wooden features can age and wear down. Your fence can grow mold and mildew, and your patio’s color can fade. Let Renew Crew revitalize your property’s wooden structures! Our proprietary three-step pressure washing process will clean and protect your wooden surfaces.

Our eco-friendly foam will work deep into the wood fibers to lift up dirt and grime. Then, our team of experts will use controlled pressure washing to get rid of the mold and mildew. A layer of our sealant protects your surfaces from further damage and vegetation growth. Don’t let your customers sit out on rotting benches or discolored chairs. At Renew Crew of Katy and Sugar Land, we handle fences, pergolas, decks, and more!

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